Pastor W.W. Horton

In September 1931, Reverend W. W. Horton asked the membership of Highland Avenue Baptist Church, “If anyone wants to hear me preach, follow me,” giving birth to the Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church. The first services were held in a Presbyterian Church located at 17th and Paradeway. Reverend Horton hosted a ten night revival. From this revival the church grew in members. Later, the church membership grew until the building was too small. Mount Vernon moved to the first floor of the UBF Hall located at 14th and Michigan in December 1931. In the summer of 1935, Reverend Horton became ill. He sent for a young minister, Reverend O. S. Jones, to carry on for him. On November 28, 1935, Reverend Horton passed from labor to reward. Under the leadership of Reverend Horton, Mount Vernon accomplished many things with the help of the Lord.


Reverend Donald Givens
Reverend Dr. Emanuel A Johnson
Reverend Oscar S. Jones
Reverend W.W. Horton

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