Rev. Dr. E.A. Johnson

Glorifying Jesus Christ with his life, while touching others with the gospel; Reverend Dr. Emanuel A Johnson has been pastor of Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church since 1969. And, he says his task is not finished. The Lord hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad. We are a church on the move, and we have come a mighty long way. The church’s journey began a new chapter in the late 1950s, when it moved near the corner of 39th and Prospect in the former Oak Park Theater. Modest beginnings in the old red and beige brick building have been overshadowed by growth, expansion and results. The church now owns four buildings in the 3900 block of Prospect, where its offices, church sanctuary, fellowship hall, and learning center are located. Mount Vernon’s purchase of property along the block is part of its goal of cleaning up the corner of 39th and Prospect, which has been known for its drug activity. I had a vision about the second year of my pastorship that someday this corner would be changed from what it was to a better corner and that the church must stay here. God had given me a vision that we would survive on this corner. Mount Vernon has done more than survived on the corner. It has thrived, fueled by the passion of accomplishing Reverend Johnson’s vision. God has blessed us. We’ve been able to acquire all of this block except the liquor store. We asked God for the whole block. We’re in prayer for the whole block. He’s given it all to us except the liquor store. I have a feeling that soon he’s going to give us that and all of this will be church property.

Reverend Johnson wants the block and Mount Vernon to be a place where kids can come to find refuge and rest. The church’s fellowship hall already includes a gymnasium where area children can exercise and play. And at the church’s leaning center young people stay busy with activities and classes, including computer training. Also Mount Vernon leases it fellowship hall out to other churches for events, strengthening the Godly presence on the block with an influx of others from the city Christian community. The corner of 39th and Prospect is 100 percent better through the work of the church and the community action group known as Move-Up.

At age 81 (2005), Reverend Johnson says that it is only the Lord who allows him to press on. And he says he’ll keep serving as long as he can. When I can’t produce, I’ll get the rocking chair and push some young man so he can get in here and carry on. Reverend Johnson is now retired and his successor is the Reverend Donald Givens.

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