Wise, Faithful And Kind Guidance

She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness. (Proverbs 31:26)

The main theme of Proverbs is about wisdom.  Therefore it is fitting when speaking of a noble wife, that one of her characteristics highlighted would be the wisdom that comes from her mouth.  What is drastically needed for our young people today is the wisdom of a mother.  Some children will listen and take heed.  Some will not.  A wife who uses wisdom is a great asset to her husband.  A husband can feel confident that when he leaves the home and goes out into the world to support the family, the wife will not make foolish decisions.  But with wisdom, she will guide the affairs of the home.  In today’s society, many wives and mothers work outside the home.  However, wisdom is still necessary.  A wife can be a valuable asset to her husband as she uses wise counsel with her children.  She is a valuable asset to her boss and employer while at work.  She is a valuable asset to the cause of Christ as she provides wisdom in the sanctuary of the Lord.  Notice that part B of this text says that “in her tongue is the law of kindness”.  She uses wisdom as she provides faithful guidance but it is always done with empathy, kindness and goodness.  What a benefit it is to have a mother, a wife,  a God-fearing woman that will provide wise and faithful guidance as well as kindness.

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