The Church: A House Of Prayer

…… It is written, My house is the house of prayer:……. (Luke 19:46)

If Christ were to return today and enter many Churches, I am afraid that some might be thrown out as He declares, “My house is the house of prayer”.  Has God’s house been reserved for the priority of prayer.  Are we more concerned about other activities as opposed to prayer.  At times, other things are on the front burner and prayer is on the back burner?  The Bible declares that men ought always to pray and not faint.  Continual prayer is in order always and especially in God’s house.  Prayer is needed.  Prayer is necessary.  Prayer is required.  Prayer is our way of communicating with God.  Just a little talk with Jesus will make every thing alright.  My prayer is that we have not made the House of God a den of thieves.  My prayer is that we have not made the house of God a place where we are seeking to increase our own wealth.  As you attend the Church of your choice, pray before you enter the sanctuary.  Pray as you enter the sanctuary.  Pray while you are in the sanctuary.  Pray as you leave the sanctuary.  Pray when you feel like praying.  Pray when you don’t feel like praying.  Pray as the Deacon prays.  Pray as the preacher prays.  Pray every time you think about praying.  Keep the Lord’s house in the way He established it.  (A House Of Prayer)

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