Reward For Faithful Service

And he said unto them that stood by, Take from him the pound, and give it to him that hath ten pounds. (Luke 19:24)

A simple parable is found in this passage to show us that God will reward us for our faithful service.  Many times it seems that man looks over diligent service.  But God sees everything that we do.  Nothing is hidden from Him.  He will increase our territory only if we are faithful over the little that he places under our charge.  Question:  Why would a boss promote someone to a higher position and they are not fulfilling the duties of their current position?  Why would he make them over an entire Region and they are not fulfilling the job at the District level?  Why would he place them over 5 facilities and they are not doing anything while they were over 3 facilities?  God will give you more responsibility when you are faithful over the little things.  Meditate today on your faithfulness.  Can you do more?  Are you doing your best where you are?  Are you slothful or diligent?  If Christ would appear before you today, can you say that I have done my very best?  If so, you can expect a reward for your faithful service.  Get ready for increase.

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