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Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures, (Luke 24:45)

How often do we read scripture and do not get a clear understanding.  How often do we listen to a sermon and leave still confused and bewildered.  How often do we hear teachings in Sunday School and Bible Study but never really grasp the true meaning of God’s Word.  How necessary it is for us to pray that God will open our understanding.  No amount of study, no amount of books, no amount of commentaries, no amount of schooling, no amount teaching can replace the understanding that we can get when Christ himself communes with us and opens our understanding to His Word.  As I read this passage, I thought about this fact, these were Christ’s disciples who had been with Him on many journeys.  They had been given great power by His hand.  They were the same ones who he taught along the way, they saw the miracles, they heard the words of His wisdom, they were with Him in some of His most intimate moments.  Yet they did not understand.  

God’s wisdom cannot be found in Science.  God’s wisdom cannot be found in mathematics.  God’s wisdom cannot be found in the wisdom of man.  God’s wisdom can only be found in God and God alone.  Therefore, we should never lean to our own understanding.  We must acknowledge God in all our ways.  We must ask him to give us the understanding of His Word.  He shall direct our paths.

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