Prayer For Faith

Night and day praying exceedingly that we might see your face, and might perfect that which is lacking in your faith?  (I Thessalonians 3:10) 

Paul prays night and day to God that he might be able to visit with the Thessalonians so that he can increase their faith.  However, in the passages just prior to verse 10, Paul commends them concerning their faith.  Paul says your faith comforted me.  He says your faith encouraged me and stirred up a renewed life in me.  At the same time Paul says I am praying night and day that God will allow an opportunity for me to visit so that I might perfect your faith.  Paul had a desire to come and teach them so that their faith might grow.  This tells us that there is always room for growth.  None of us have made it to the place where we can sit back and relax and not be concerned about a growing faith.  So often, many Christians focus on going through the motions of church going and religious activity.  Are we taking steps that we might grow in God’s grace?  Are we taking steps that we might grow to be more committed and devoted to God?  Are we taking steps that we might grow to be more faithful to God?  Pray that God will move us and give us a renewed diligence to take steps to increase our faith.  Pray that we might be able to (through God’s Word) perfect our faith.  Don’t ever get content with where you are in regards to your faith.  You must always have a growing faith.  Pray for mustard seed faith.  If we have mustard seed faith, the Bible says we can move mountains.  Pray for mountain moving faith.

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  1. Pastor I do the opposite of sitting back and relaxing; I continue to pray and worry, and worry and pray. I’m gonna stop looking for that job in home repair and go back to school (God willing). I believe that the answer God had given me all alone about this work was no, and I didn’t want to accept that answer, so I continued to pray and worry. Pastor today I pray that His will be done, and he gives me the wisdom to know what his will is for me.

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